I believe we all have a story to share. Here is mine.

Since I was a child I was always in love with letters. Yes, you heard it. English letters.

Russian letters came first though. I was fascinated by their beauty and what they can say to me. I was looking for a meaning behind them. I read between the lines. Metaphor, alliteration, comparison, hyperbole, simile. I loved them all. With no exception. Letters became words. Words turned into phrases. Phrases became sentences. With a message inside and decoration on top. Being in love with letters made me learn English. I started to speak English by learning English sentences and texts by heart. In my case, it was the best way to learn.

I have had an affair with the English Language for the most of my life. It’s a lifelong romance filled with action, intrigue and curiosity.

As an English Teacher I am afforded an opportunity to engage with students on an emotional level through presentation and body language which provokes curiosity. Students learn better when they are engaged.

Since moving to Asia, I fell in love with going to local events. I have always loved dancing. I guess, I inherited the improvisation skills from my mother who is a dance teacher. 

Some time later, I realized that I could turn my creative thoughts into concept events. To create an atmosphere. And let the attendees experience more fun. And be part of a concept.

Somehow, I found the way to get all the pieces of my puzzle together. I feel complete doing what I do.

My life philosophy in a few sentences.

I look for simplicity though I don’t mind extravagance.

I am mature enough to know how to have fun with life.

I don’t mind being myself. Fabrication is useless.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Pass it to others.

To feed my creative needs I provide the following services

English Teaching

I am not just a teacher by degree. It’s my way of life. I love helping people and supporting them throughout their learning journey.

Brand Collaboration

In front of the camera I play the roles I am given. I have been a thinker, a mother, and a fashionista. Elegant, feminine, casual and humorous.

Concept Events

I have both organised and supported twelve events. I create an atmosphere of fun and good vibes. I love seeing people having a good time. It makes me happy.

Digital Consultancy

Whilst I am not a digital consultant, my partner is. We work together to build online presences (e.g. websites, social, products) for businesses.

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