15 life-changing experiences I learnt as a creative multi passionate

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Being multi-passionate is not easy. It’s not a curse though. Far away from a blessing too. But it could be one if you stay true to yourself. It’s an opportunity to align reality with a vision. Embrace your passions to become a better person. My passions led me to different experiences. Here are the lessons I would love to share.

Define your goals and stick to your core values. The sooner you know how to combine your passions into one big WHY, the better. Be the person you read, write, and speak about.   

It’s ok to say NO. It’s OK to disagree. Find your tribe to speak the same language. Being part of something is empowering.  

Not all those who wander are lost. I have been to 30 counties, lived in 5 of them. I wandered a lot. I didn’t lose anything apart from money. And my mind, as a circumstance of getting rid of the first one. Get to know your spirit. Courage can help you make the first step. Hard work can make magic happen.

Everything makes sense. Finish your puzzle by learning and trying. Enthusiasm is contagious. Pass it to others.

A heart-to-heart talk matters more than a like a social media. That’s why we love to have a cup of coffee with a friend. It’s invaluable.

Treat your ideas like candies. You can’t live without them, right? Share them with those only whom you can trust.

Focus. It’s easier to focus when you have clarity about WHY you do what you do.

Taking a loan is a good thing to do to pursue your passion. Make a tool out of it, not a burden.  

Improvisation does wonders. Learn the art of expressing yourself. Become a creator of your own movie. Play the roles you  want to play. But don’t fake them. Fabrication is useless.

You never know who can become your next good friend. Stay open to make more by being yourself. It’s ok to have multiple interests personality disorder (you can laugh here). They may vary. You values never do.

Being broke is ok. Don’t let it break you though. Broke but not broken. Optimism changes a life. You heard those stories. You read about them too.

Build your personality first before you build your customer persona. Let your personality be your guru to overcome challenges and do what you never did.

Be silent when needed and let your actions do the talking. Actions speak louder than words.

Learn how to convey your message. We all have the same amount of letters available in the English language. The way you put letters into words and words into sentences makes a difference. Convey a clear message that talks to hearts. Let the structure do its work.

The way you can HEAR  people is effortless. Cherish this superpower and never let it go.

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