My name Anelia derives from the Latin form of the Greek name “Ánna (Ἄννα)” from the Hebrew name “Channâh > Ḥannāh”, meaning “graciousness.

It means a “ring”, a “circle” or a “link” from the Italian, l’anello.

The meaning of Anelia is also “Angel”; in Hungarian (Magyar) and Bulgarian. There it is a form of “Angela”.

You might find it interesting that the highest recorded use of the first name Anelia was in 2011 with a total of 17 babies.

Anelia is the 29,751st most popular name of all time.

This is my story

Are you sitting comfortably? Let the story begin.

I have always had this feeling of being in love with life. I wanted to be curious. I was and still a big fan of “what if”. I pursued as many interests and passions as possible. Some didn’t work out, some I had no patience to proceed with. And I think it’s fine. I learnt by trying. I was curious. I guess, it is one of the best ways to learn about life and yourself. 

I was looking for a way to enrich my life. I got my TEFL certificate by taking a loan in the bank. Craziest idea but that’s how it all started. I moved to China a few years later. And had the best time of my life there.

I bought a one-way ticket to Kuala Lumpur and went solo travelling. I learnt so much about myself. After three months of travelling around Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia I realized something was missing. I wasn’t enjoying it that much anymore. And here is the time in my story when the man comes in. I know it might sound romantic but it was love at first sight when we met.

My curiosity gave me a chance to travel, meet my partner and have the most amazing experiences to tell our kids one day.

These Are Some Of My Values










I am creative and multi-passionate. And I am constantly inspired by projects which are beautiful, recognisable, inspirational, and fun.

To feed my creative needs I provide the following services

English Teaching

I am not just a teacher by degree. It’s my way of life. I love helping people and supporting them throughout their learning journey.

Brand Collaboration

In front of the camera I play the roles I am given. I have been a thinker, a mother, and a fashionista. Elegant, feminine, casual and humorous.

Concept Events

I have both organised and supported six events. I create an atmosphere of fun and good vibes. I love seeing people having a good time. It makes me happy.

Digital Consultancy

Whilst i'm not a digital consultant, my partner is. We work together to build online presences (e.g. websites, social, products) for businesses.