Creative and educational workshops in Bangkok will awaken your kids’ creativity and allow them to gain confidence and more self-esteem. Children love these workshops as they are playful, fun, and unique. Over time, and through the years of teaching experience I realized that when children are creative, they are also peaceful and calm. I chose to facilitate creative and educational workshops because I remain convinced that children are learning more efficiently in a creative environment. As a result, they are more expressive when the creative and the educational side of learning are blended.


Education is a form of dialogue where a teacher involves others to explore something new through engaging activities. Teaching through creativity offers a more dynamic learning experience where the English language becomes surprisingly alive. The teacher creates an atmosphere where he/she acts as a facilitator while a student has the freedom to play, experiment and reflect. Creativity is an essential learning skill that should be encouraged from a very early age. It enriches self-play and promotes creative application throughout life. Through my lessons and workshops, students evolve and iterate on the images they have in their imaginations using creative methods, mediums, and tools.

"Creativity now is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status" - Sir Ken Robinson.

Anelia Memova's teaching Philosophy

I am an English teacher who loves to draw letters. Since I was a child I have been in love with letters. It is a lifelong romance, filled with action, intrigue, and curiosity. 

Learning a language is a creative art and it can give a student freedom to deeply understand new cultures through its use, or to help advance career prospects, and achieve greater potential. A teacher is an artist who helps a student create his/her masterpiece, where letters and sounds can be read, heard, written, and spoken.

In my classes, I use a variety of teaching techniques and activities. These include incorporating cultural artifacts, playful collage, music, vision boards, photography, and other materials and mediums. Her aim is to spark imagination, awaken curiosity, and foster creative thinking. I inspire and motivate her students to become better learners by taking risks, and being fearless when expressing themselves when learning. 

Through the utilization of creative content, I help students learn better, be more engaged, and have more fun. Having fun is essential, as positive learning experiences result in better skills retention.  

Creativity is a habit that takes time and effort to bloom. It is a lifelong skill that opens its doors for professional and personal growth.


Creative and educational workshops


Help your children explore their creative and learning spirit through workshops that spark imagination and awaken curiosity.

Creative and educational workshops


Join free weekly hand-lettering classes for beginners to discover the magic of letters.