I am driven by the desire to create. To create magic in the classroom. Beauty in front of the camera. And joy on the dance floor.

To feed my creative needs I provide the following services:

Teaching English

Teaching others is empowering.

With 8 + years of teaching experience, I have strong knowledge of Linguistics and a creative teaching approach. Learning a language is a creative art and it can give a freedom of achieving potential and an ability to reflect.

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I believe one face can convey different messages. 

Modelling for me symbolizes an opportunity to show different sides of my personality. Elegant, casual, sophisticated, humorous, and gentle.

l love supporting genuine people creating genuine products. Say hello if you would love to collaborate.

Event Planning

Currently on pause.

I have both organized and/or supported sixteen events. Recently, my heart has been stolen by The Library. A series of concept events, where we could finally believe in something different. Send a message to be added to a guest list. This kind of magic is worth waiting for.

Digital Consultancy

You no longer deserve to be a caterpillar. Even the most beautiful one.

Together with my husband who has 20 years of international experience in everything digital we can help you build an online presence to share your story, and shape your business.

Say hello if you would like to have a coffee and talk about the project you have in mind.

Thank you for inspiring me to create with you.