Slide The name Anelia derives from the Latin form of the Greek name “Ánna (Ἄννα)” from the Hebrew name “Channâh > Ḥannāh”, meaning “graciousness.
It means a “ring”, a “circle” or a “link” from the Italian, l’anello. The meaning of Anelia is also “Angel”; in Hungarian (Magyar) and Bulgarian. There it is a form of “Angela”. You might find it interesting that the highest recorded use of the first name Anelia was in 2011 with a total of 17 babies. Anelia is the 29,751st most popular name of all time.

We all have a story to share, don't we?
Here is mine.

Since I was a child I have always been in love with letters. Yes, you heard it. Letters. They were my favourite toys. 

Russian letters came first. Fascinated by their beauty and what they could say to me, I was looking for a meaning behind them. I read between the lines. Metaphor, alliteration, comparison, hyperbole, simile. 

I loved them all. With no exception. 

Being in love with letters inspired me to start learning English. 

I was the weakest student when I joined an extracurricular class at school at the age of 13 in Raduzhny. A town in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia. Back at that time, I could barely pronounce a few syllables. 

I started to speak English by learning English phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and texts by heart. 

I loved seeing how letters became words. Words turned into phrases. Phrases became sentences. In my case, it was the best way to learn.

Having Bonk N. A. by my side as a mentor I took second place in a town Olympiad devoted to English. 

Later, I got back to the city where I was born to get my degree in Linguistics. Tyumen. 

The teachers at Tyumen State University are the best. 

I have had an affair with the English Language for most of my life. It’s a lifelong romance filled with action, intrigue, and curiosity.

As an English Teacher, I am afforded an opportunity to engage with students on an emotional level through storytelling and body language which provokes curiosity. Students learn better when they are engaged, don’t they?

I have taught English to Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai students. 

China was the first country for me where I decided to travel to teach English. It was an eye-opening experience filled with tea ceremonies, a spicy hot pot, and the amazing culture I had a chance to discover. 

I also got to know my improvisation skills better when I started modelling there. I got my first shooting job for a coat collection with zero experience. Somehow we made it to an eight-hour photo shoot to present about fifty lookbooks. 

I have been a thinker, a mother, and a fashionista. French, and New-Yorker.

Modelling for me symbolizes an opportunity to show different sides of my personality. Elegant, casual, sophisticated, humorous, and gentle.

I always found “me” in all of them. I love being different.

Since moving to Asia, I fell in love with going to local events. I have always loved dancing. I believe, I inherited my improvisation skills from my mother. She is a dance teacher. 

Sometime later, I realized that I could turn my creative thoughts into concept events. To create an atmosphere. And let the attendees experience more fun. And be part of a concept.

I have both organized and/or supported sixteen events. 

I love creating an atmosphere of fun and good vibes. I love seeing people having a good time. It makes me happy. 

Somehow, I found a way to get all the pieces of the puzzle together. 

I feel complete by doing what I love.

When I want to devote some time to myself, I practice calligraphy and lettering. I love falling in love with something I have always loved.


These are some of my values:










I am creative, full of passion, and living in Bangkok. And I am constantly inspired by projects which are beautiful, recognisable, inspirational, and fun.

To feed my creative needs I provide the following services: 

Teaching English

Teaching others is empowering. 

With 8 + years of teaching experience, I have strong knowledge of Linguistics and a creative teaching approach. Learning a language is a creative art and it can give a freedom of achieving potential and an ability to reflect.

Say hello to book a trial lesson.


I believe one face can convey different messages. 

Modelling for me symbolizes an opportunity to show different sides of my personality. Elegant, casual, sophisticated, humorous, and gentle.

I love supporting genuine people who love to create genuine products that bring joy.

Say hello if you would love to collaborate.

Event Planning

Currently on pause.   

I have both organized and/or supported sixteen events. Recently, my heart has been stolen by The Library. A series of concept events, where we could finally believe in something different.

Send a message to be added to a guest list. This kind of magic is worth waiting for.

Digital Consultancy

You no longer deserve to be a caterpillar. Even the most beautiful one. 

Together with my husband who has 20 years of international experience in everything digital we can help you build an online presence to share your story and shape your business.

Say hello if you would love to have a coffee and talk about the project you have in mind.