We all have a story to share, don't we?

Since she was a child Anelia has always been in love with letters. They were her favourite toys. 

Russian letters came first. She was fascinated by their beauty and what they could say to her. She was looking for a meaning behind them. She read between the lines. Metaphor, alliteration, comparison, hyperbole, simile. 

She loved them all. With no exception. 

Being in love with letters inspired her to start learning English. 

She was the weakest student when she joined an extracurricular class at school at the age of 13 in Raduzhny. A town in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia. Back at that time, she could barely pronounce a few syllables. 

She started to speak English by learning English phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and texts by heart and loved seeing how letters became words. Words turned into phrases. Phrases became sentences. In her case, it was the best way to learn.

Having Bonk N. A. by her side as a mentor she took second place in a town Olympiad devoted to English. 

Later, she got back to the city where she was born to get her degree in Linguistics. Tyumen. 

“The teachers at Tyumen State University are the best”, she wrote in her diary.  

She has had an affair with the English Language for most of her life. It’s a lifelong romance filled with action, intrigue, and curiosity.

As an English Teacher, she is afforded an opportunity to engage with students on an emotional level through storytelling and body language which provokes curiosity. Students learn better when they are engaged, don’t they?

She has taught English to Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai students. 

China was the first country for her where she decided to travel to teach English. It was an eye-opening experience filled with tea ceremonies, a spicy hot pot, and the amazing culture she had a chance to discover. 

She also got to know her improvisation skills better when she started modeling there. She got her first shooting job for a coat collection with zero experience. Somehow they made it to an eight-hour photo shoot to present about fifty lookbooks. 

“I have been a thinker, a mother, and a fashionista. French, and New-Yorker”, she wrote in her diary. 

Creative collaboration for her symbolizes an opportunity to create. 

When she wants to devote some time to herself, she practices calligraphy and lettering. She loves falling in love with something she has always loved.


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