The Library

Finally something different.

“The world is full of magical places, and the library has always been one of them for me,” Julie Andrews.

When I was 7 I lived opposite a library. About fifty steps separated me from the Kingdom of Books.  

I would go there on my own. I would choose a few books. Go back home. And immerse myself into a world that could only exist between those pages.

The world that sounded so true and vivid but ephemeral at the same time. 

Some books have truly touched my heart.

I loved the characters the most.

The Library was originally founded by Edge Pamute and Anelia Memova on April 27, 2019, when they decided to collaborate together on finally something different with Mr. T. from Shri Bar & Lounge.

Ssshhh … was their secret code. 

A series of concept events, The Library, was launched in Ho Chi Minh city. A place on Earth in South-East Asia with the most lively and friendly vibe. 

It was my pleasure to be a librarian at The Library on ten occasions.

What a magical place to be!

Photo credit by Kevin Lee and Hermes Pichon who is currently looking for the Russian soul: